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Your Blueprint- Creating Volume

Welcome to Week 3 of the Partnership.

This week's focus is on creating volume.  You create volume in your own business by being your own best customer and developing customers to shop from your online store 

To-do's this week:

  • Watch the Videos below

  • Login to and start your DITTO

  • Make a list of 5-10 potential customers

Creating Volume

Creating Volume

Product Starter Kit

Amway Education- Starter Product Kit 

Amway Web Tour

Volume Mindset and the Team Standard


Using Ditto to Build your Business



Customer Volume

Product Education

Amway Fast Track Incentive Program

Personalities and Customers

Volume Creation

Login to your BSM Xstream App and Listen/Watch the following:

BWW TV Logo.png

Create Volume- Rashmi & Smita Jyotiprakash

BWW TV Logo.png

Creating Volume- Beth Bell

BSM Logo.png

BWW1839- Creating Volume- Smita Jyotiprakash & Panel

BSM Logo.png

BWW2361- Eat/ Sell/ Use- Angelo Nardone & Panel

BSM Logo.png

BWW1285- Selling 101- Vinny Pappalardo

BSM Logo.png

BWW2030- The Fundamentals of Selling- Vinny Pappalardo

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