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Personal Growth

Welcome to Week 1 of the Partnership.

This week's focus is on the foundation of Personal Growth.

To-do's this week:

  • Watch the below videos and use the BSM's in your Collection for your Daily Listening Habit

  • Read 15 Minutes Daily

  • Send your Accountability Message daily to your Coach using BMP

Welcome- Meet our Coaches and Mentors

The Partnership

The Partnership

Talking to People in your 1st 2 weeks

Honoring the Partnership and Business Phases

BWW BSM Xstream and Listening 

Reading and Note Taking

Time Budgeting

Getting the Most out of Conferences



Bulletproof your Business

The Dream Giver

The Magic of Dreaming Big

Joe and Jenn BBS- Story

Joe and Jenn BBS- StoryArtist Name
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Book of the Month

Book of the Month

Book of the Month
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