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Networking Level 1

Welcome to Week 3 of the Partnership.

This week's focus is on Networking with people you already know.

To-do's this week:

  • Watch the Videos and Listen to the Audios below

  • Listen to the following on BWW Xstream:

    • WW725- Preparing People for Business Ownership

    • BWW2047- Launch, Get Started, & Huddle Play

  • Begin Building your List of Names​

Networking Level 1

Networking Level 1

Networking Game Plan

Building a List and Play Huddle

Play Huddle Mindset and Basics- Tyler Madsen

Play Huddle Mindset and BasicsTyler Madsen
00:00 / 30:15

People you Know or Know of- Dean Whalen

Whalen DTMDean Whalen
00:00 / 07:16

Sharing your Story- Trevor Baker

Trevor Baker Sharing your StoryTrevor Baker
00:00 / 28:28

Opening the Door for Others

Creating a Professional Zoom Environment

Social Media Tips

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