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Your Blueprint- Budgeting

Welcome to Week 2 of the Partnership.

This week's focus is on your Personal Blueprint.  Your Personal Blueprint consists of 2 areas: Your Personal Financial Budget and your Volume Blueprint. 

To-do's this week:

  • Watch the Videos below

  • Update your Zero Based Budget based on what you learn



Budgeting Priorities

Budgeting Mindset

Budgeting Pitfalls

The 4 Accounts

On-going Budget Use

Budget Breakdown

Open the attached Google Sheet > Click File > Make a Copy 
You will be able to Edit the Copy and/or add it as a Tab into your Zero Based Monthly Budget
*Using a Google/Gmail account is preferred for this.

Login to your BSM Xstream App and Listen/Watch the following:

BWW TV Logo.png

Create Wealth, Not Debt- Tony and Frances Pappalardo

BWW TV Logo.png

Your Personal Standard- Craig Clickner & Carrie Bohlig

BSM Logo.png

BWW2102- Building from a Position of Strength- Kevin and Beth Bell

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