Who are we?  

The best word to describe us is Community.


Nxt Level is diverse community of professionals brought together by a common vision for our future.


A vision of autonomy over our lives.

A vision to positively impact the lives of other people.

A vision to create more choices in our finances and how we invest our time.

A vision of bringing our uniqueness, creativity, and passion to the world.

A vision to deepen our connection and relationship with those that matter most.

A vision to take our life to the Nxt Level. 

We believe that going to the Nxt Level is not a simple behavior change or a new skill to be developed but rather a root change and a mindset transformation.


Most of us simply assimilate to the environment that is around us. We follow similar patterns of going to College, getting a job, buying a home, starting a family, etc. Most would say, “Wow, that is a good life” and thankfully we aren’t most people. We believe in pursuing a great life. A life of abundance, choice, and purpose. 

We believe this type of life is best accomplished by setting our sights on Financial Freedom and embracing the journey of entrepreneurship.


Unlike conventional thinking that tells us to “find our passion” and pursue that. We decided to root our passion in our own personal visions for our future and instead pursue entrepreneurial options that were practical and could fit into our ideal lifestyle.

The challenge we faced was, how do we know who to work with? Who are the right people to take with us on this journey? So, we put our research hats on, studied dozens of successful entrepreneurs, and eventually developed a strategic vetting process to help us identify people with the right mindset, attitude, ambition, and leadership potential necessary for success.

It isn’t about having the best or coolest idea or product.

It is about creating leverage.


You create leverage by choosing a very practical business model and then focusing your efforts on equipping yourself with positive habits, improving your financial literacy, prioritizing your time, growing your emotional intelligence, improving your communication skills, deepening your relationships, and becoming a true leader.


Coaching & Mentorship

Elite athletes, musicians, and C-suite executives pursue coaches and mentors to enhance results in their lives.


At Nxt Level we take a 360 degree approach to help our selected partners succeed in the areas of income diversification and professional growth.

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Leadership Association

Often times we can open doors for ourselves but some arenas require others to open the door for us. 


At Nxt Level we believe that earning access into an arena of like minded individuals, who are further down the path, is a major key to success.


Scale a Side Hustle

We live in a world today where having multiple sources of income is more of a requirement than a luxury. Where a single income household struggles living paycheck to paycheck.

At Nxt Level we believe in mitigating risk by starting a side hustle but with an end goal of scaling and developing an asset to become a professional full time income.  

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Joe Santamarina


Profession: Product Manager


Tim and Maddie


Profession: Outside Sales and Software Project Management


Andrew and Krista


Profession: Customer Service Professionals




Profession: Research Administration Management

Jennifer Santamarina Headshot 2.jpg

Jennifer Santamarina


Profession: Account Executive


Omesh and Glori


Profession: Professional Electrician and Small Business Owner


Denver Hinton


Profession: IT SAFe Product Owner




Maritza and Albert


Profession: Small Business Owner


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